Kim Saintpo

Hi there, my name is Kim and I would like to welcome you to Fit Active Beauty. Thank you for stopping by.

This blog is all about feeling good in your skin, your body, your head and your daily life in general. My goal is to inspire men and women to live a healthy lifestyle that brings happiness in their lives.

Now a little about me… I am a twenty-something years old and while my home town is Brussels in Belgium, I have been travelling the world since my early twenties and basically living out of a suitcase.
I am ridiculously passionate about fitness and everything healthy. Combine that with my unconditional love for travel and there you go, you have me 🙂
After graduating in business and accounting (yeah, I know, I’m a little bit of a NERD :p ), it was clear to me that fitness was what I wanted to do, so I became a certified personal trainer.
I am also passionate about cooking and currently reading a lot about the Paleo diet. So next project on my list is to add some nutrition knowledge to my skills. I want to be able to help people achieve their goals, dreams, with as many tools as possible.

On this blog, I share workouts, healthy recipes and some of my travel stories with you.

Enough talking now, I really hope you enjoy your visit.